Hailey Wetherbee

Hailey comes to INH from Kendal at Hanover, a five-star non-profit continuing care community where she was Assisted Living Administrator of a 107-bed wing. Previously, Hailey worked at the non-profit Grafton County Nursing Home for 7 years. Hailey has an MBA in Finance and a BS in Allied Health Services and Management.


Dr. Lisa Lesko, M.D.

Medical Director
Dr. Lesko has been the INH Medical Director since 2013. She provides a full spectrum of medical care to our residents. She is a 1993 graduate of the Stony Brook University School of Medicine‒State University of New York. When Dr. Lesko is not here with us, she specializes in family medicine at Blue Hill Family Medicine—a role she has had for almost 20 years.


Lori Morey, Certified Professional in Human Resources

Human Resources Director
My name is Lori Morey and I am the Human Resource Director. I have worked at Island Nursing Home for over 30 years in several different capacities. I have been a C.N.A., Director of our Former Adult Day Care Program and the Administrative Assistant. My past experiences give me a great deal of insight that I find very useful in my role as HR Director.
     I am very excited about you joining us and want to ensure that you are successful in your new position. You have just become part of a very supportive team, and will soon come to know that INH is a wonderful place to work. Everyone here is friendly and willing to help out when and where ever needed. During these first few weeks, you will meet many co-workers and the management team. Please know that we are all here to support you, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything. We are all invested in your success.
     As the Human Resource Manager, I am the liaison between the employees and the managers. For the managers, I assist with the complete hiring process of new employees, making sure that all required personnel, certifications, licenses, and medical information is completed and on file. I assist managers with employment law, disciplinary problems and concerns, status changes, performance evaluations and other employee issues as they arise.
     For the employees, I take care of insurances and benefits, as well as orienting new employees to the personnel policies and facility procedures. I keep track of all licenses and certifications to ensure that employees stay current. I am responsible for our inservice program, which includes scheduling mandatory inservices for all staff, maintaining inservice records, and tracking whether or not employees have received their necessary educational credits. I assist employees with outside educational opportunities such as trainings and workshops. I am also responsible for INH’s employee recognition program, which provides us with additional ways to give thanks and offer our appreciation to the staff.
     I am in charge of worker’s compensation and handle all accidents and claims. I am also here to serve as an intermediary should any staff conflicts arise. My door is always open. I am always available to offer support and guidance when needed. I encourage you to come to me if you ever have any issues or needs as I want to make sure that your employment at INH is a pleasant experience.

Betty Herrick

Director of Nursing
My name is Elizabeth Herrick, but you can call me Betty, and I am the Director of Nurses. In addition to my position as D.O.N., I have worked at INH for many years as a charge nurse. My mother was a resident here, which gives me wonderful insight in my role as D.O.N. I understand firsthand the importance of the care we give and how it impacts the lives of our residents and their families.
     The Island Nursing Home is a multi-level facility. As D.O.N., I oversee both the nursing department in long-term care, and the caregiver support team in residential care, which are comprised of  R.N.’s, L.P.N.’s, C.N.A.’s, C.N.A.-M’s, CRMA’s and PSS’s.
     In addition to being the nursing “team leader”, I am responsible for our infection control program; writing, reviewing, and updating clinical policies and procedures; staffing and schedules; reviewing and updating nursing department job descriptions; participating in pre-admission assessments and the admission process; overseeing our rehabilitative and restorative programs; overseeing our medication administration and charting documentation; providing in-services and trainings; ensuring that all state and federal regulations are being met; ensuring that our clinical staff delivers top quality care to our residents; and acting as a resource and support for my staff in any way that I can.

Lori Simon

Director of Social Services
My name is Lori Simon and I am the Director of Social Services at Island Nursing Home. I moved to Maine in December of 2016 and have worked at INH since June 2017.  Before coming to Maine, I worked as a hospice medical social worker after obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University.  I serve as a resource to residents and their families. Which includes being a voice for our residents, advocating for their rights and ensuring that their needs are met. 
     My responsibilities as the Director of Social Services is to support the residents and their families during their time at INH.  This includes discussing any concerns they may have, providing one on one conversations, assisting with advance directives, providing conflict resolution support and assessing residents for mental health needs.  Part of my duties involves completing resident assessments so care and service plans can be completed based upon the resident’s needs.  I also provide Resident’s Rights and Mandatory Reporting annual training for employees.

Eddie Faulkingham

Maintenance Supervisor
My name is Eddie Faulkingham and I am the Maintenance Director at Island Nursing Home. I have worked as the Maintenance Director since 1982, when the original building was still under construction.
     As Maintenance Director, I am responsible for maintaining the building and the grounds, which includes, but is not limited to, plumbing, heating, painting, furniture and equipment maintenance and repair, snow plowing, snow shoveling, lawn mowing, raking, parking lot maintenance, disaster plan review and upgrade, and security system maintenance and repair. I am also the safety officer at Island Nursing Home and work very closely with our Safety Committee to ensure safe surroundings for all of our residents, staff, and visitors.

Hue Wetherbee

Dining Service/Dietary Manager
My name is Hue Wetherbee Jr, and I am the Dining Service/Dietary Manager here at Island Nursing Home. I have been in this role for less than one year, having recently relocated to Maine with My family.
     I have worked in many capacities in the food service industry for more than 15 years. Some of the positions I have held are cook, kitchen supervisor, production manager, executive chef, and general manager. I have worked in several different settings that include “quick-serve” locations, private boarding schools, healthcare facilities, family summer/retreat camps, as well as several colleges and universities.
     Here at INH, I am responsible for the entire dining experience from breakfast to dinner, including all snacks and beverages in between. I also have a responsibility to ensure a safe and clean work environment for both residents and staff. I ensure that all individual diets are being met by developing menus that offer diverse choices that are nutritious and wholesome.
     I am excited to be part of the INH community. So please feel free to stop in and say hi and offer any feedback. We are here to provide the best dining experience possible for our residents, their families, and our staff.

Harry Rodriguez, B.S.

Activities Director
My name is Harry Rodriguez and I am the Activity Director at Island Nursing Home. I have been working at INH for 20 years now in this position. I am also in charge of INH’s Volunteer Program, which currently has over 40 active volunteers.
     As the Activity Director, it is my responsibility to provide our residents with in-house and community-based opportunities for socialization, recreation, and enjoyment with respect to their individuality, personal preferences, physical abilities, and limitations. I am obligated to offer these activities on a daily basis, at varying times throughout the day and evening, including weekends. I have an assistant who works with me to help plan and implement an appropriate activity schedule.
     Whenever residents come to a facility like this, they feel that two important facets in their lives have been lost – privacy, and the ability to make choices for themselves. Obviously, for safety reasons, a lot of privacy is lost. However, residents always have the right to choose whether or not they attend an activity. Even though they may refuse to attend, we continue to extend the invitation to join, letting the resident know that they are always welcome. When a resident declines to attend an activity, we try to provide them with other opportunities that are more suitable to their liking.
     I am responsible for the monthly activity calendar, which is available at the beginning of each month. This calendar is posted in common areas throughout the facility, and in every resident’s room. We also mail these calendars out to any interested family members who request a copy. This way, our residents, their families, and the staff know what activities are available at all times. Our staff are encouraged to discuss upcoming events with the residents.
     Although INH has many departments, we all work together to assist our residents. For example, if Activities is having a party, staff from other departments like nursing or housekeeping, will help with set-up and bringing residents to and from the party. We all work together to ensure the safety and happiness of our residents.
     Please remember that the activity department is a necessary addition to the well-being of our residents. It enables them to become or remain actively involved, which lessens isolation and depression. It also ensures that our residents stay linked to their community and friends.

Ellen Carville

Supervisor Housekeeping & Laundry Departments
My name is Ellen Carville and I am the Supervisor for the Housekeeping and Laundry Departments at Island Nursing Home. I have been at INH for over 12 years, and in addition to supervising the Housekeeping and Laundry Departments, I have worked in Homeport Residential Care and supervised the Dietary Department. My office is located in the Laundry room at INH, which I find very convenient for helping out my staff with the daily laundry tasks. I am here Monday through Friday from 5:30 am until 2:00 pm.
     Housekeeping staff work at INH from 6am to 6:30 pm, 7 days a week.
     The laundry is open from 5:30 am to 2:00 pm 7 days a week.

Heidi Gillen

Billing Specialist and Admissions Coordinator
My name is Heidi Gillen and I am the Billing Specialist and Admissions Coordinator at Island Nursing Home. I have worked at INH for over 10 years. In addition to my role in billing and admissions, I have worked as the Residential Care Assistant, Ward Clerk and Purchasing Agent.
     I have many responsibilities at INH, including maintaining an accurate census of all residents and their payment sources; billing; cash receipts; researching and collecting on old accounts; maintaining our resident’s financial files; managing our resident’s personal funds; managing our fundraising database; thank you letters; maintaining the waiting lists for long-term care and residential care; and coordinating resident admissions, which includes contact and communication with other providers, reviewing medical records and verifying payment sources. I also assist residents and/or their family with the Mainecare application process.

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